Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two New Summer Workshops

Solar Hot Water

2 Sessions

Session one will offer an overview of solar water heating for the home, covering basic concepts and systems including: batch heaters, flat panels and evacuated tubes. The processes of thermosyphon and heat exchange will be explained, with emphasis on simple and basic technologies that can be applied by the homeowner. We will look at an operational on-site hot water installation that was built from ordinary materials, some of them salvage. Finally, we will apply some of the concepts we have covered, working on a simple water heater constructed from a salvage tank. Participants will leave this session with the basic knowledge to plan for their own solar hot water systems.

Sessions two is optional for those who wish to gain more knowledge of solar heating and to further plans for their own systems. Together we will problem solve individual systems and, hands-on, cover basic skills, such as soldering pipe, iron pipe fittings and the simple construction involved in installing hot water panels. Limited to 6 participants

Cost: Session One : $35 Saturday, June 18 10-3 Lunch Provided

Session Two: $50 Saturday, June 25 10-3 Lunch Provided 

Tying Knots, Coiling Cords and Sharpening Tools

We'll learn by heart the 3 basic knots that are needed for anything you might want to do, from tying up a bundle of  newpapers to lashing down a  boat in a hurricane.  Other knots will be demonstrated, but are optional.  We will also learn how to coil up an extension cord so that it will uncoil easily and flat when pulled from one end.

In the same workshop, we will learn to sharpen various tools found around the home:  knives, pruning shears, lawnmowers, chainsaws, chisels, etc.  Bring your favorite dull tool.

Cost:  $25  Saturday,  July   16   1-4 pm