Monday, November 3, 2008

Homemade Oil Paint


I used this paint to paint our outside window trim. I wanted to paint them to add color to the house, if you call white color, and to give the wood more protection from the elements. My thought and hope is is that the white painted wood will  weather beautifully, never peel and as I used titanium dioxide as the pigment it will be further protected from the sun. Titanium dioxide is the sun block ingredient in expensive natural sun screen. I can see giving the wood an occasional re- oiling if it warrants any care. 

 For years I have been looking for something to paint and/or stain wood to give it that look of an old northeastern house or barn faded with time. 


I used this paint to paint our interior doors.

I used the same recipe but used the walnut oil/citrus thinner combination to preserve indoor air quality. I combined a grey earth pigment I purchased  from earthpigments with the titanium dioxide I purchased at the local ceramic supply company The walnut oil may be purchased online at libertynatural or bought at your local health food store, the citrus thinner at bioshieldpaint


1/2 cup boiled linseed oil or food grade walnut oil 

3T pigment more or less to taste

1/4 cup turpentine or citrus thinner

This paint has long drying times, here in New Mexico it is dries to touch after 48 hours. Here you can add a second coat if desired.

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