Sunday, November 2, 2008


Everything I know about Adobe and earth building I have learned since 2006. I have learned the craft through many helpful adobederos, through books and through the trial and error of getting my hands dirty. Fortunately for me I like things that are handmade, I like worn-in blue jeans and wonky ceramic pots. I also like the machine edge and the modern and the juxtaposition of old and new, soft and hard. But as I get older and I choose to live in a smaller house I find I like to surround myself with objects that are made by hand, that speak of the hands and the spirit that went into  their making.

I tell you all of this by way of an introduction because I believe if you embrace this thinking you are already well on your way with adobe building. There are many theories on why living in an adobe home brings such a feeling of well being, including the idea of living within the walls of something that has been thoroughly embraced by human touch.  And so as you build, celebrate the imperfection of adobe and of yourself, remember the beauty  and soulfulness you find in that handmade wonky ceramic pot.

In this blog, a first for me, I will share with you what I have learned, I will connect you to the people, books and websites that have guided me and my husband John as we built a small adobe home in northwest New Mexico.  It is my hope to gradually build a site that  will include photographs , recipes and  how to essays.  Just as my adobe work is full of imperfections, so too is my writing.   Enjoy my misspellings, misuse of words and run-on sentences. 

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